Sep 18, 2011

DON'T want

Writing this entry in English becasue i do not want my parents to read it. DO NOT READ AND TRANSLATE IT FOR THEM!!!!

so, during this weekend i am feeling quiet weird. Do not want to wake up, can't wake up and do not really want to stand up from the bed. Can't cook, don't want to eat and just DON'T want. It seems like the old, stupid state of mind is coming back. I do not know what does it depend on, is it becasue of the changing weather, less light, cold and coming winter?! The fact is everything this affects me a lot, unfortunately in a negative way.

Can't wait to start practice, the regular work is the only thing what helps me.


AnnA said...

Might be this so-called autumnal depression. Either that, or that you´re pregnant... :-)

Toma said...

AnnA - i am afraid it is the first one. It has already happened many times :(

AnnA said...

Then try to go out more often, turn some energic music on, dance, exercise and SMILE more often!! You´ll see how everything turns fine in a moment!! :)