Apr 6, 2011

Dreams from childhood :)

It was the period when stories about alien adoptions and experiments were very popular. There were many people who claimed being adopted and tortured by aliens but even as a child I could not believe in such stories. Well, I believed (and still do) in existence of the aliens but could not understand - why the hell would they do such things on people?!!!

So, when I was around 8-12 years old, I had a dream - special tools for building a transmitter antenna. Do not misunderstand me, i am not talking about the Hubble's telescope, i just wanted to build one complicated transmitter antenna for sending some signals to the aliens. Funny is not it?! I even had a place for construction, had written signals (was going to use The Morse Code alphabet) and i had plans what i was going to do if they established contact with me.

Today, many years and days since those times, I am analyzing the dream and see the reason. My father who is a brilliant engineer (has constructed several complicated stations and mini Hydroelectric power station of of them ) loved to construct different transistors, just for fun. During the childhood i remember nothing but constructions, antennas, different parts for transistors and my father testing his transistors. We children were not allowed to play with his "toys" and of course i wanted to create more complicated one, one which could allow me to make a contact with aliens :D

My dream did not come true, I was not able to create the transmitter antenna and all dreams about contacts with aliens were gone with the winds :)

p.s. yes I did not meet real aliens from other galaxies and stars, but belive me I have seen very many "aliens" from our mother planet.

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