Oct 23, 2010

Qvevri, Marani - Georgia :)

Do not know why, but i have decided to upload some summer pictures. This ones are from the region where my grandma lives. Quiet interesting historical region of Georgia - Shida Kartli. She lives in a small village with many old and beautiful churches.

This church might be small but it has long history on it, history which is dated from the VI century. Do u see the small "vessel like" thing beside? Do u want to know what is it? Than keep reading my post :)
The view if the monastery complex.
So here we come :) This is Qvevri (made by clay)- the traditional Georgian vessel for kipping wine. How do we keep wine in it? Well, Quevri is vertically placed in the land, usually the top is covered by wooden cover and after we put some land on it and press it well. Qvevri can have different size from 100 liters up to 2 tones.

You can see Quevri in churches (like in this case) as well as in families. F.ex. my father's family owns 4-5 small Quevri, they are placed under the open sky and surrounded by fig and bay trees. In some parts of Georgia, there are special places for Qvevri and they're called Marani.
Wine in Qvevri is always cold and has same temperature during the year :)

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