Oct 30, 2010

Constructive day = Brand new Scarf :)

ხო მაგარი ვარ? ეს შარფი ამ საღამოს მოვქსოვე. ისე ნეტა რამდენად გაიყიდებოდა? :P:P

sooooooo my friends :D here comes my new scarf which I knitted this evening :)

I was very lazy and did not read anything, but as person who needs to have constructive days I decided to make this scarf :) Well, the flowers and the end of the scarf is done with another technique which I am not familiar with, so it looks quiet clumsy :D :D

Some flowers :)
U can see, it is not very long, but I like the size as it is :)
And one more photo :)


ninoo said...

magariiaaa :):):)

Toma said...


Anna said...

ძალიან ლამაზია :)

Anonymous said...


Keti said...

რა საყვარელია ვარდები :)