Feb 17, 2010

Lost in Translations

Translia is an innovative translation service platform, where a registering is free. Its unique collaborative translation technologies enables hundreds and even thousands of translators to work together for delivering translations in a manner better and quicker than ever before.

It maintains the world's largest professional translator network. The outcome is the clients may get their contents translated from/to any major languages. For the same reason, all jobs are done by the translators who possess the necessary subject expertise, from business, finance to electronics and mechanics - translate is always possible!!

Translia offers a set of unique services that help clients set appropriate price and time, besides the clients can get translations with just a few clicks and the turnaround is shorter than any other services. For small translation jobs, clients may get finished translation on the same day or even in several hours.

And a very important note for us bloggers - we can earn translation money even we're not a translator -we just have join Translia Affiliate program and you can receive 15% of referred sales as commissions.

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