Aug 19, 2009

Toys and Games for our Children

I've been feeling quite bored whole day, so I've "surfed" the internet and tried to find something interesting. Accidentally I have found one quite interesting site. I was quite surprised and remembered one joke which we use to tell in my country : "Why was not a child mentally developed before revolution? Because he/she didn't have a toy" Hmm, if so, then children can be really developed nowadays, they have so many toys and so many possibilities to choose different ones especially when you are about to get one via ShopWiki Toys and Games :)

Well, what is the most interesting on this site for me? Those are Educational toys and Games. Yes, I agree with you, there are many different kind of games and educational toys, and sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the correct ones. I think you would agree with me that an educational toy/game which is good for a 4 years old child, is not very interesting for a 12 years old teenager :) So on the same site, I found several useful advise how to choose a correct one :)

Another thing, what has surprised me - Creative toys. To be honest I did not know that there were such toys :P and felt sorry for myself :P , who know what a good painter, writer or a musician I could have become if I had a possibility to develop all my talents through the creative toys.

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