Apr 20, 2009

Very Interesting Site For Bloggers and Not Only!

As many visitors we have, as better it is for our blog ranks. Each blogger knows that promoting of own blog, helps to get more visitors. I do so and today i found one site ACOBAY. What is Acobay and how it can help?

Well, Acobay is a kind of social network site, where people can share everything. When I say everything I mean everything. For example: you have a blog and you write about cars, then after having registered a user account at Acobay you can join Acobay Auto network share your blog posts and connect with other bloggers.

Or maybe you do not have a blog but like movies? Then after being registered on Acobay you click on Moview Network, and you share and read recension about old and new, popular and not very popular movies.

You think that this site is quiet good is not it? Then just click here and get your own Acobay account!

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