Mar 10, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle

Almost everyone can drive a car, everyone can use a municipal transport but to ride a bicycle is something different. Why? Because it is good for nature, for our health and just fells good :)

If you live in Britain than you can easily get one from Internet, there is just really good site (I have written about it before as well) where you can find everything :). Imagine, nice windless day, birds are singing , sun is shining and you want to relax and have nice picnic with friends or with a family. You're taking your bike and riding to a beach or a park. Maybe you prefer mountains ? Not a problem at all, there are special mountain bikes as well. Of course with everything else, you need special clothing like bike shoes and shorts ... Does this sound nice? Are you already on your way ?


No Dar 7th said...

thought several times about that but, the problem is binding it every time you leave it somewhere +gotta buy lights, a lock and bla bla bla..
so I prefer to walk.. :)

and by the way, which town are you in?

პ.ს რა ფლუენტი ვაარ +)

Katten försvann said...

არც მეც შორს ვარ სრულყოფილებისაგან, მაგრამ პრაქტიკა, პრაქტიკა და კიდევ ერთხელ პრაქტიკა შველის საქმეს :)

Sweet Baby Girl said...

Sex and the City-ს უყურე ინგლისურად...
:yes: :D

ჩემ ბლოგზე ვტვირთავ ეხლა :P

Katten försvann said...

Sweet Baby Girl lol. მაგ შტერობას რომ არ ვუყუროთ საყურებელი დაილია თუ რა?